Intellectual Output  

The intellectual output produced as part of the funding project is available for download on this page.  The entire intellectual output can be used by anyone under the Creative Commen license CC BY-SA

The intellectual output will be available at the end of the project in late 2022, but we will publish some interim results from time to time.

General training course structure


In the first year of our project we developed the general training course structure. The entire content is divided into different modules, which can be accessed via the Moodle platform. The modules are WindEXT Simulation, WindEXT Laboratory and WindEXT Virtual Reality. 
In the simulation module, we will further develop the SIMULWIND simulator developed in an earlier research project, in the laboratory module we will create various training courses in the area of ​​MATLAB Simulink® and in the area of ​​virtual reality we will use the H5P platform.

Workpackage 3: Virtual training in wind turbines

Tesicnor has further developed the SIMULWIND simulator and created the first training scenarios.


Summary of workpackage 2: Evaluation of the operation and maintenance market

In order to get an initial overview of the operation and maintenance market, all partners have written a summary that also explicitly addresses the situation in the partner countries. The document gives a very good overview and is filled with the latest market figures.
This document is written by 8.2

Evaluation of the operation and maintenance market

Summary of the contents of the WINDEXT project and specifications of the digital tools

This document takes as background the document prepared by TUD and specifies the main simulators and digital tools to be developed in the WINDTEXT project. It completes also the MAG of the project to clarify some of the tasks and partner’s roles related to digitalization, simulation and tests.
This document is written by Asociacion Empresarial Eolica (AEE)

Contents of the Windext project and specification of the digital tools

Summary of workpackage 4: General description and critical components

This part of the training material will allow students to gain a basic understanding of how a wind turbine is designed and operated, including a description of the basic components. The students will should an appreciation of how the components function as a system and how wind turbines are connected to the grid in the form of a wind farm including aspects of layout optimisation, e.g. minimisation of wake losses.

The following documents are written by TU Delft

Course outline General Description
Wind turbine diagrams

Summary of Deliverable R5.1 types of Maintenance Strategies

The following document presents a public summary of the develoment carried out as part of WP5 of the WINDEXT project lead by UCLM, corresponding to the development of "Module C: Maintenance".
The document is written by Universidad de Castilla-La Manche (UCLM)

Summary of Deliverable R5.1 types of Maintenance Strategies