Meetings & Events  

The project partners must hold transnational project meetings during the research project and present the results at the end of the project at various events.

Transnational project meetings

The transnational project meetings (TPM) are held in the countries and locations of the various project partners.

1st TPM, January 15, 2020, Madrid 


The first TPM took place at the headquarter of project leader Asociation Empresarial Eolica (AEE) in Madrid.  The meeting focused on the presentation of the project and the partners, the project management, communication and dissemination activities as well as a first discussion on the intended output of the project. Due to the fact, that the consortium consists out of 11 partners, the meeting was also used to get a common understanding about the goals of the project.  


The events aim to publish and disseminate the project results to a broad public. The events take place in the project partner countries and will be announced here towards the end of the project.